“Some jewels are hidden,” [Tchivzhel] says…

On Feb. 10, 1991, Edvard Tchivzhel, the associate director of the U.S.S.R. State Symphony, announced that he had defected from the country…


Edvard joins the circus…


“The energy will blow the audience away,” Tchivzhel said. “It’s amazing, a new kind of dynamism in this music.”



…a reception held in honor of a 25 year friendship between Greenville Symphony Orchestra Conductor, Edvard Tchivzhel, and International Ballet Executive Director & Founder, Lena Forster, and their respective families…


“On every dispensation, there are individuals that stand out as leaders of their time. The most famous stand out at a “curve of change…” – Michael Del Priore


tchivzhel_edvard_4“Scriabin is the most underplayed of all of our really great composers… if you ask any trained musician, it is beyond discussion that Scriabin is one of the great composers at the turn of the century, in the company of Rachmaninoff, Debussy and Stravinsky…” – Pianist Garrick Ohlsson (winner of the 1970 International Chopin Competition)


photo18At the heart of the “Rhapsody” is one of Rachmaninoff’s most memorable melodies. The soaring Variation No. 18 is considered one of the glories of classical music.


gsobannerPam Hunter makes music happen…


oktoberfestAfter the Beethoven, everyone is invited to the lobby for free beer.


intterviewsWith the help of some prominent local people and, later the FBI, Tchivzhel made an improbable escape from armed KGB agents when he was whisked away from an airport as his fellow musicians looked on.


636101502687531917-symphonyconductor-0“Each time I play the National Anthem, I feel like I’m celebrating my freedom.” Tchivzhel said.


“I owe Greenville. I felt I had to give more back to the great city that helped us so much…”

tchivzhel_edvard_4“I really think this season is more exciting than ever,” [Tchivzhel] says. “We’ve really broadened our horizons and I hope everyone will find something to enjoy.”



b9323829153z-1_20160915130921_000_gm3fnpeom-1-0Tchaikovsky’s lyrical Third Symphony is the work Tchivzhel conducted on Long Island, New York with the USSR State Symphony on the night before he defected in 1991.


Julianne M. Fish… served as vice president and chief operating officer of the Columbus Symphony in Ohio… vice president and general manager of the Milwaukee Symphony; vice president and chief operating officer of the San Antonio Symphony; and vice president and general manager of the Atlanta Symphony… will begin on July 17.

4thThe program also includes a tribute called “Armed Forces Salute,” during which veterans and those currently serving are invited to stand and be recognized while the military themes are playing…“It’s a special homage to veterans and those who serve now,” Tchivzhel said.


Fireworks of various colors bursting against a black backgroundThe free concert is being made possible by the City of Simpsonville, Greenville County and the Greenville Health System….



Independence Day has had a special meaning for Greenville Symphony Orchestra maestro Edvard Tchivzhel since his defection from the Soviet Union 25 years ago…

The Guild of the Greenville Symphony presented a check for $106,950 to the Greenville Symphony Association as fulfillment of its current pledge to the GSA.


Greenville NewsThank you to Edvard Tchivzhel and the entire musical infrastructure of Greenville for offering the most recent performance of Gustav Mahler’s Third Symphony…

DSCF2270“Mahler is always challenging,” he said. “It’s music of extremes, demanding very robust but also delicate playing from the musicians. It takes concentration, physical endurance, attention and musical maturity from the musicians — and the conductor, too!”….


andyWhite takes the reins of the orchestra following the death of former executive director Sherwood Mobley, who passed away in February….


tchivzhel_edvard_4Maestro Edvard Tchivzhel will lead the Greenville Symphony Orchestra (GSO) in “Hymn to Nature”….


Demidenko5Concert-goers can expect musical sparks to fly in the brisk and hugely challenging “Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso.”….


mob2“The impact of his life will live on,” Wynn said of Mobley. “His acts of kindness, his extraordinary influence on people and institutions will live on, the gifts and talent he shared with this community will live on. The love he gave his family will live on. What a remarkable, inspiring life. We were blessed to know him. We’ll miss him mightily and we’ll forever be grateful for the time we had.”….


mob1“This is a great loss for our orchestra, our community, and for myself personally,” said Edvard Tchivzhel….


photo11Tchivzhel often spotlights soloists from among the orchestra’s ranks in its chamber music series….


photo18“Beethoven’s symphony was very innovative,” Tchivzhel said. “Later, Tchaikovsky, Berlioz and Mahler also used the symphony as an opportunity to say something very important.”….


pcAnother early public performance at the center was a concert by the visiting USSR State Symphony, conducted by Edvard Tchivzhel, who, while in Greenville, requested and was granted asylum in the United States….


DSCF2270[Edvard Tchivzhel] has arranged the piano piece for full orchestra and will conduct the work at the Peace Center….


Holiday-at-Peace-LogoThe Greenville Symphony’s Holiday at Peace program is a Christmas extravaganza….


nutcracker“…This is what people want at Christmastime…”


Greenville NewsCongratulations to Maestro Edvard Tchivzhel and the Greenville Symphony Orchestra for their superb Masterworks concert Legends, Mysteries, Miracles….

photo16…a mystery encore will test the audience’s musical knowledge….



“Daugherty’s “Metropolis Symphony” and Theofanidis’ “Rainbow Body” are being presented in Greenville for the first time….



larryestridge“[Estridge] became more than a friend. He became a member of our family, and in our hearts he will stay forever as one of the most important people in my life.”….


davidgrossGross, born and raised in Berlin, has been a regular guest performer in concert halls throughout the United States and Germany….


Acclaimed pianist Andrew von Oeyen finds himself returning, again and again, to Ravel’s Piano Concerto in G Major…


tromboneThe Greenville Symphony’s 2015-16 season will encompass music inspired by Superman and the beginning of a long-term commitment to the works of Mahler…

german2Edvard Tchivzhel saw Leonard Bernstein conduct in person only once…