Maestro Performs “And the Winner Is…” with GSO: March 2018

 Program Details Saturday, March 3, 2018 at 8:00 p.m. Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. The Peace Center Edvard Tchivzhel, conductor Yekwon Sunwoo, Gold Medal Winner of the Fifteenth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition BUY TICKETS Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No. 3, op. 30, D minor Brahms: Symphony No. 4, op. 98, E minor A new

Pianist takes on popular Rachmaninoff ‘Rhapsody’

 Full Article from Greenville News Online By Paul Hyde: October 27, 2016 Pianist Dmitri Levkovich reaches for a “Star Wars” metaphor in describing Rachmaninoff’s popular “Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini.” “There’s a dark force in the piece that’s not to be underestimated,” Levkovich said, speaking by phone from New York recently. “Perhaps it has a

Review: Symphony Silicon Valley Takes on a Russian Accent

Full Review   By David Bratman: October 25, 2016 Two distinguished Russian gentlemen, both now resident in western countries, came to San Jose’s California Theatre on Saturday, Oct. 22, to assist Symphony Silicon Valley in works by two renowned Russian composers. It proved a fortunate pairing. The performers were first-time guest conductor Edvard Tchivzhel (the

Review: Demidenko, Symphony Silicon Valley give Scriabin his overdue place in the musical pantheon

Full Review   By Elijah Ho: October 23, 2016 In 1986, before his final concert in Moscow, legendary virtuoso Vladimir Horowitz was asked his opinion of two composers whose music he had played all his life. He lavished his highest praise on Rachmaninoff. Hard to believe, but little has changed in the order of things. The

‘Insanely Beautiful’ Scriabin Concerto Gets Rare Performance in San Jose

Full Article from Public Media Northern California KQED Arts   By Elijah Ho: October 20, 2016 In 1939, composer Virgil Thomson brought attention to a growing problem in classical music. Despite a dire need for the presentation of new works, orchestras around the globe clung desperately to certain classics “tyrannically,” as he wrote in a 1944

Maestro Performs “Genius Against Tyrant” with GSO: November 2016

 Program Details Saturday November 5 at 8:00 PM, Sunday November 6, 2016 at 3:00 pm: The Peace Theatre Edvard Tchivzhel, conductor Dmitri Levkovich, piano Rachmaninoff: Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Op. 43 Shostakovich: Symphony No. 10, Op. 93, E minor (110th Birthday of Shostakovich) Winner of seventeen international piano competitions, the young Canadian virtuoso, Dmitri Levkovich

Maestro Performs in China

 Program Details Friday June 24, 2016 at 8:00 PM Shenzhen Concert Hall Conductor Edvard Tchivzhel Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra Tchaikovsky: “Romeo and Juliet” Fantasy Overture Tchaikovsky: “Italian Capriccio” Op 45 Rachmaninoff: “Symphonic Dances” Op 45 国际著名指挥家爱德华∙茨沃舟,目前担任美国格林维尔交响乐团的音乐总监和指挥。“简而言之,大师茨沃舟…他的指挥和交流是无可争议的体现在音乐上,”马友友在与该团及指挥演奏后所写的。 出生在列宁格勒(现在的俄罗斯圣彼得堡),爱德华∙茨沃舟以第一名的成绩毕业于列宁格勒音乐学院的钢琴与指挥系。并且在后三年完成了在高等音乐学院著名指挥家阿尔维德·扬松斯的指挥班。在学生时期,茨沃舟在莫斯科第三苏联指挥比赛获得第一名。之后,他在圣彼得堡爱乐交响乐团担任传奇指挥家苏维埃∙穆拉文斯基的助理指挥,随后成为常任客席指挥。在前苏联,他曾率领莫斯科爱乐乐团、莫斯科广播交响乐团、列宁格勒基洛夫歌剧芭蕾舞剧院以及许多其他乐团。1973年,茨沃舟出任卡累利阿国家电广播交响乐团的音乐总监及首席指挥直到1991年。 茨沃舟的事业在英国、德国、捷克共和国、波兰、罗马尼亚、斯堪的纳维亚和澳大利亚取得国际地位表现。此外,他还担任了瑞典于默奥交响乐团的音乐总监,并与赫尔辛堡、马尔默、北雪平和斯德哥尔摩爱乐等乐团多次合作演出。 作为前苏联国家交响乐团的副指挥,指挥家茨沃舟游历广泛,并在1990年日本巡演期间获得巨大成功。1991年2月,茨沃舟在俄罗斯国家交响乐团出访美国时受到了热烈的欢迎。继出访美国后,他在美国继续他的职业生涯,成为美国公民。 自1991年,茨沃舟出任奥克兰爱乐乐团的首席指挥及音乐顾问后经常被邀请出现与新西兰的交响乐团演出。 在美国,茨沃舟第一份职位是担任纽约大西洋交响乐团的音乐总监,然后在印第安娜韦恩堡爱乐乐团担任音乐总监。在1999年,他被任命为美国格林维尔交响乐团音乐总监。 茨沃舟以客席指挥的身份出现在美国、澳大利亚、巴西、墨西哥、委内瑞拉、西班牙、意大利、中国和罗马尼亚。并在2010 年与澳大利亚交响乐团合作,且在每年返回演出直到2015年。 精彩评论


 Full Article from Greenville News Online   By Paul Hyde: June 16, 2015 The Greenville Symphony’s 2015-16 season will encompass music inspired by Superman and the beginning of a long-term commitment to the works of Mahler. The orchestra’s Masterworks and chamber series will range widely, from newer pieces being performed for the first time in